Team Building

Test your creative and analytical skills with team building events that require originality, ingenuity and energy to succeed. Our team has extensive experience in designing and leading transformational interventions, developing leadership teams, growing talent, building organizational capabilities and instigating change management. That successful organization is driven by their unique culture and values, not only attracting people, but maintaining and growing them. Catalyst training programs came with attitude purpose. We do not spoon feed participants; we allow them to create real working scenarios where success or failure will depend on how well people perform as a team. More often than not there is a need to network with other teams towards a common goal, but on other occasions the skills shown in a competitive activity by the most successful teams become a model for other teams to emulate, sharing best practice and increasing productivity.

Team Building Activities

A key to develop and motivate teams in companies and divisions. We do so by arranging the following activities: CLASSIC TEAM BUILDING

Our Classic Team Building is a custom-made package for your group. Based on the size of your group, our enthusiastic activities team will develop a fun, rotational team building program that will keep everyone entertained.

Classic Team Building Activity menu

The classic display of teamwork and strength. Two teams line up on either side of a rope, and at the sound of the whistle, they pull in opposite directions to try and get the opposing team over a designated distance.

Egg & Spoon Race
Players race for first place by carrying an egg on a spoon over a set distance. Once the distance has been completed, the next player will be “tagged” and may continue. The race is completed in a relay style.

Sack Race
Each team will receive a potato sack that fits one player at a time. At the signal, the teams will hop from one area to another and hand the sack over in a relay style in order to gain first place.

Fill It Up
Each team will be given a small disposable cup their goal is to scoop sand and run to the allocated bucket and full it up the first team to succeed after a given time wins. We will measure the water in each container with the cup to see who the winner is.

Base Cricket
We will form teams and have fielders/bowlers and batters. Once the batter hits the ball (only three chances) he has to run to the “bases” there are Five (5) “bases”. If he gets bowled out his out and the team loses a fielder/bowler in the next round. Once the batters teams’ last team member has completed his run, the fielders/bowler are up to bat and the batters become the fielders/bowler. Winners will be the ones with the most team member left
Beach Volley Ball and Beach Soccer.

Many more.

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