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Business Travel Account (BTA)

The BTA which is a product of American Express simplifies matters by allowing organizations to control their business travel expenses through a centralized billing account. How does this work? Air travel is booked through Waljis Travel Bureau which in turn will charge the cost to the BTA and send the ticket and invoice to the company. American Express will consolidate and issue a detailed monthly statement to the company and the company will reconcile an American Express statement with the invoices received from Waljis Travel Bureau then make a single monthly payment to American Express.

This enables the company to analyze their travel expenses by department. It also allows the company to capture all air travel-related purchases company-wide regardless of whether the traveler is an employee or not. The company can also negotiate better deals with suppliers using accurate and concise information through the airline spending analysis.

Last but not least, not only is the traveler covered by travel insurance when the ticket is charged to BTA but also the spouse and children when traveling with the cardholder. To top it all, the card-members are free of reconciling and settling monthly billing statements. What more can you ask for?

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